Delivery Prices 

  • Standard Delivery Charge: £40 - £100 (depending on postcode)
  • Items Sent by Post: £3.10-£20 

Please note that all delivery charges are non-refundable once the item has been delivered.  


Delivery Date

  • We aim to deliver within 2 to 7 days from the date of purchase depending on the item you ordered. 
  • The delivery date given upon purchase is the expected delivery date.  All customers will receive delivery confirmation via telephone or email 1-2 days before the expected delivery date 
  • While we aim to deliver items to our customers by the specified date, there may be a slight delay with our suppliers due to Covid-19. However, we will notify customers whose orders have been delayed.     
  • Delivery Requests can be made by talking to our representative. Click Messenger icon below screen.

    Amending & Cancelling Orders

    • Any amendments or cancellations of orders must be completed at least 24 hours before the expected delivery date. Any cancellations made after this period may be subject to a £50 cancellation fee. 

    • All deliveries are subject to a non-refundable delivery fee.


    Delivery Procedure

    • If you require any assistance with assembling or moving the items, you will need to inform us at least 2 days prior to your delivery date.
    • If you do not live on the ground floor you will need to inform us as there may be additional charges for deliveries that must be made up flights of stairs.
    • Customers are responsible for ensuring that items will fit through all doorways, entry ways, and corridors on the premises. Any items which do not fit will have to be returned at the cost of the customer.
    • Customers must also ensure that all furniture and other household items are out of the way for the delivery team as our experienced delivery team is not responsible for damage to the property.
    • Customers must inspect products on delivery and indicate whether they are satisfied with the item on the delivery receipt while the delivery team is still present.
    • Any complaints or concerns regarding the delivery or product need to be written on our copy of the delivery receipt by the customer while the delivery team is still present.


    Assembling Products

    • The assembly service for sofas is £10 extra.


    Covid-19 & Customer Safety

    • We are doing our best to ensure the safety of our customers and delivery team. If you or a member of your household are self-isolating please inform us via phone call, so that we can reschedule delivery.
    • All members of our delivery team will be wearing facemasks and gloves during delivery to ensure the safety of our customers.