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3+2 Verona with Scatter Back Cushions Plush Velvet

3+2 Verona with Scatter Back Cushions Plush Velvet

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The Plush Velvet Verona sofa collection share many similarities with our leather option however the key difference is evident in the detail. It inhabits a beautiful chunky stature, intricately decorated with a delicate winged fabric design. The arms and button detailing in this sofa make for a very attractive and desirable sofa option. The premium fabric adds visual appeal while reinforcing the durability of the entire frame. We have gone with medium firmness, by generously padding our cushions with a durable foam the overall feel provided is one of premium luxury. The key to this sofa is wonderful craftsmanship. Thanks to this, the Verona sofa option is currently one of our biggest sellers.

3 seater 196cm length
2 seater 170cm length 
Height depth 90cm

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